Signup for poker run åland 2020

Once the application has been sent, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with further information. It will also be possible to pay the fee on site in Mariehamn.

To facilitate Wemarin when they help you get the route in the GPS, we ask you to fill in the field asking for GPS. Are you not interested in getting help or fixing it yourself by downloading the .gpx file, leave the field blank.

The following criteria must be met in order for the sign up to be approved:
– At least 24 feet.
– The boat should have the “right look” (powerboat).
– The boat must have a valid insurance.

Exceptions can be given. If you want to apply for an exemption, please send an email to [email protected] where you will attach a picture and information of your boat.

  • Specify the brand, model and form of chart
  • Drop files here or

    This year's participants

    Below you will find the teams who have signed up. Hope we’ll see you this summer!

    23. Formula Racing SWE

    NameMikael Hedberg

    Boat & EngineFormula 312 Racing 500efi x2 1150hk

    Number of people2

    22. Team Miss Turbine

    NamePatrik Nau

    Boat & EngineNor Tech 5000 2x1850hk turbiner

    Number of people6

    21. Team Pachanga 22

    NameBjörklund Mathias 🇫🇮

    Boat & EnginePachanga 22 med 496:a

    Number of people4

    20. Team Sipuli Racing

    NameMika Laine

    Boat & EngineSkater 288 2x 1350 Mercury Racing

    Number of people6

    19. Team Garetta🇫🇮

    NameMattias Wikstrand

    Boat & EngineGaretta 24-V8 502

    Number of people4

    18. TEAM 29

    NameLars Micksäter

    Boat & EngineFOUNTAIN 42

    Number of people4

    17. Team Ål'in Bar

    NameRikard Hagman

    Boat & EngineFormula 2xväåtta

    Number of people5

    16. Fajmoj och Fajfaj

    NameSten Rindebrant

    Boat & EngineFountain Lightning 42, 2 x 600 sci

    Number of people5

    15. Hoppas det håller

    NameStefan johansson

    Boat & EngineBaja 27

    Number of people5

    14. Team general ras

    NameAnton Carlsson

    Boat & EngineFountain 38 fever. 2x525 efi

    Number of people6


    Namepetri lappalainen

    Boat & EngineDONZI 38 ZR MERCURY X 2 900 HV

    Number of people5

    12. Outboard

    NamePeter Hafström

    Boat & EngineSkater 28 Mercury

    Number of people3

    11. Just 4 Fun

    NameRikard ”Rille” Ekblom

    Boat & EngineFountain Lightning 38 2xV8

    Number of people6

    10. Team skater 32 Ford Gt40 edition

    NameHans-Allan Eliasson

    Boat & EngineSkater 32 2x 540. 996 hp each

    Number of people3

    9. Team Smile per Mile

    NameLucas Karlsson

    Boat & EngineScarab 29 2x350

    Number of people6

    8. Team Vaksala Måleri

    NameMattias Åhrman

    Boat & EngineFormula 292 F1 - Performence Marine 1100SCI

    Number of people2

    7. Team MoneyKiller

    NameMikael Pettersson

    Boat & EngineArrow 830, Mercrusier /whipple

    Number of people5

    6. F47 Sweden

    NameZebastian Fohlin

    Boat & EngineFountain 47 lightning 3x525 mercury racing

    Number of people6

    5. Troublemaker

    NameFredrik Holmström

    Boat & EngineFormula 353 Fastech

    Number of people5

    4. Blown Money

    NameAnton Hallsten

    Boat & EngineFountain 38 2x502

    Number of people5

    3. Team Bompa

    NameKim Bomanson

    Boat & EngineFormula 382 Fastech 2x900sci

    Number of people5

    2. Team zr

    NameMorgan mörn

    Boat & EngineDonzi 38 zr 2x525 efi

    Number of people5

    1. Team Skater

    NameKim Sjödahl

    Boat & EngineSkater 28 2 x Mercury 200XS

    Number of people4